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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 10 Quiz 3 Sources of Conflict in the Workplace Task, Relationship, and Process Conflict - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Tom works in middle management and is often rude and overly critical of his workers. He has recently had a strong disagreement with a few employees because he had to limit their project budgets due to the company cutting production costs. He has also had arguments because he called workers offensive names. He usually uses personal insults when he feels that his authority is threatened. How would you categorize these conflicts?

  1. His criticism of workers is a process conflict; everything else is a task conflict.

  2. All of them are task conflicts because the issues occur in the workplace.

  3. The budget cutbacks represent a task conflict; everything else is a relationship conflict.

  4. All of them are relationship conflicts because they are caused by his bad temper and people skills.

2. Sarah from marketing and Jane from accounting are working on the launch strategy of a new product line. Sarah is strongly advocating spending a lot of money on TV advertisement, while Jane wants to curb the spending as much as possible. Why is this an example of a task conflict?

  1. The focus of their disagreement is a personal opinion that does not really matter to the organization.

  2. They both have good arguments.

  3. They are disagreeing on details regarding achieving the company's goals.

  4. They are disagreeing on which processes within the company are working.

3. Which of the following is NOT an example of a process conflict?

  1. Two workers argue about their relative salaries.

  2. Two workers argue about how a process will happen within the organization.

  3. Two deputy managers are assigned to lead a project and argue about who is in charge of the project.

  4. Two workers argue about how a job should be completed.

4. What is a disagreement between groups or employees regarding work-related issues?

  1. Organizational Fighting
  2. Organizational Division
  3. Organizational Management
  4. Organizational Conflict

5. Why can task conflicts be beneficial for the organization?

  1. They can cause a good discussion and create streamlined productivity.

  2. They are not; no type of conflict can in any way benefit the functioning of an organization.

  3. They are not; only process conflicts can in any way be beneficial for the functioning of an organization.

  4. All conflict in organizations is positive as it facilitates discussion.


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