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Business 302 Foundations of Leadership Chapter 2 Quiz 10 Mark Zuckerberg Leadership Styles & Traits as CEO - Quiz & Worksheet

1. Julie is the CEO of a company that manufactures natural, cruelty-free cosmetics. Her employees enjoy working for her because she believes in the ethical aspects of her products and because she motivates employees to collaborate with one another. She also listens to their ideas for quality and customer service improvement. Julie is demonstrating _____.

  1. Transformational leadership

  2. Disconnected leadership

  3. Autocratic leadership

  4. Directive leadership

2. Nathan is starting his own bike repair business in an urban neighborhood. He looks over the income from the first three months of operation and realizes that he hasn't made much money. His initial marketing was to run a small ad in a local suburban newspaper near his home. He is discouraged, but he does not give up. Instead, he decides to run an ad in the city paper of a larger urban area nearby and to create some targeted social media ads. Nathan is displaying the quality of _____.

  1. Adaptability

  2. Persistence

  3. Initiative

  4. Service

3. All of the following leadership traits are true of Mark Zuckerberg EXCEPT _____.

  1. He is always looking for ways to make positive changes.

  2. His only concern about his company is that it makes a profit.

  3. He is not limited to only one leadership style but instead uses a mix.

  4. He does not prioritize the usual corporate hierarchies.

4. Melanie was elected team leader of the students in her college engineering class. The class must conduct a complex experiment on kinetics and reactor design, and some of the students are having difficulty understanding the concepts. However, they are confident that Melanie can figure out how to run the experiment and then collect the data because, even though she is a quiet person who likes to spend time alone, she is an organized thinker and planner who is interested in continuous improvement. They sometimes call her 'The Mastermind.' Melanie's Briggs/Myers personality type is _____.

  1. INTJ

  2. ISFP

  3. ISFJ

  4. ESFJ

5. Mark is the head of a team that has been sent to California to fight a wildfire that is spreading through a large area. The work is dangerous and members of the team must often work quickly and decisively. Mark is very experienced in his work and understands the unpredictability of fire and the dangers involved, so when he gives team members an order, he expects it to be followed exactly and immediately. Mark's leadership style is _____.

  1. Diplomatic

  2. Servant

  3. Democratic

  4. Autocratic


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