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Category > Business & Finance Posted 22 Dec 2023 My Price 12.00

JWI 551 Week 9 Assignment 3 Report to the Board

Report to the Board

Due: Sunday, midnight of Week 9  (Weight: 25%)


You are a healthcare consultant with a background in operations improvement and change management. You have been hired by a healthcare organization, to help them develop a strategy to address a current crisis or challenge that is negatively impacting both the patient experience and the healthcare organization's financial and operational performance. After doing your research, as the hired consultant, you will write a short summary report, to be presented to the Board of Directors at their upcoming meeting. You should incorporate lessons learned as part of this course into your report. 

Topic Selection

You may pick your own topic for this assignment. There are two ways that you may identify your topic:  

  • If applicable, you may pick a crisis or challenge within your own current or past healthcare workplace.
      • Sample crises and challenges: COVID-19, weather emergency, safety or quality of care concern, staffing shortage, layoffs, financial crisis, merger or acquisition, etc.

  • If you do not have a healthcare workplace example, search for an article about a relevant crisis or challenge of interest. Be sure to include a link to the article in your references. Some suggested source journals and websites are listed below: 

Note: Please contact your instructor if you need help with selecting a topic for this assignment.


Based on your chosen topic, write a concise summary report for the Board of Directors of 2 to 3 pages. Your report must include the following four sections:

I.  Organization Summary and Issue

    • Briefly describe the healthcare organization concerned, including its location, size, major products or services, the community it serves, etc.
    • Provide a clear and concise description of the crisis or challenge faced by the organization.

II.  Assessment of the Issue

Indicate current and expected future effects of the issue or challenge on these areas:

    • Patient safety of quality of care
    • The patient experience / satisfaction
    • Organizational staff (to include medical staff, if relevant)
    • Other internal and external stakeholders
    • Financial health of the organization

Note: In preparing for this section, you may wish to present your assessment using a SWOT analysis or table. 

III. Recommendation

Describe an actionable strategy to address the crisis or challenge, drawing from your lessons learned over the course, and to include:

    • Major actionable steps of the strategy
    • Timeline to implement these steps
    • Resources, including staff time, materials, facilities, financial considerations, etc.

IV.  Outcomes and Measures

Describe the expected results and outcomes of the strategy and indicate how success will be measured. This section should answer these questions: 

    • How will your recommended actions impact the patient experience?
    • What data will be needed to measure these results and impacts?
    • What is the next step if the plan does not achieve its desired effect?



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