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Category > Business & Finance Posted 22 Jan 2024 My Price 5.00

TEC 100 Week 1 Discussion Technology and Ethics

Technology and Ethics [WLO: 2] [CLOs: 2, 3]

Technology has spread to all aspects of our lives and that has raised some ethical concerns.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum,

·        Watch the video, Get Acquainted With LabSim Product – TestOut LabSimLinks to an external site..

·        Review the document TestOut Student GuideLinks to an external site..

·        Review the following section of the IT Fundamentals Pro TestOut course:

o   1.3 Technology and Ethics (all modules)

In your initial discussion forum post,

·        Discuss why is it important to live by a code of ethics.

·        Describe an experience where you have seen technology used for good.

·        Describe an example of how technology has been or could be misused.

·        Explain your thoughts on the government’s use of technology to monitor its citizens.

o   To what degree should governments use technology to monitor its citizens?

Guided Response: Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7 (Monday). Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words. In your peer responses,

·        Discuss the importance of ethics and if you agree or disagree on your peer’s opinion about how the government monitors citizens.


Status NEW Posted 22 Jan 2024 03:01 AM My Price 5.00

TEC----------- 10-----------0 W-----------eek----------- 1 -----------Dis-----------cus-----------sio-----------n T-----------ech-----------nol-----------ogy----------- an-----------d E-----------thi-----------cs-----------


file 1705894643-TEC 100 Week 1 Discussion Technology and Ethics.docx preview (477 words )
T-----------EC -----------100----------- We-----------ek -----------1 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- Te-----------chn-----------olo-----------gy -----------and----------- Et-----------hic-----------s -----------Tec-----------hno-----------log-----------y a-----------nd -----------Eth-----------ics----------- [W-----------LO:----------- 2]----------- [C-----------LOs-----------: 2-----------, 3-----------] -----------Tec-----------hno-----------log-----------y h-----------as -----------spr-----------ead----------- to----------- al-----------l a-----------spe-----------cts----------- of----------- ou-----------r l-----------ive-----------s a-----------nd -----------tha-----------t h-----------as -----------rai-----------sed----------- so-----------me -----------eth-----------ica-----------l c-----------onc-----------ern-----------s. ----------- Pr-----------ior----------- to----------- be-----------gin-----------nin-----------g w-----------ork----------- on----------- th-----------is -----------dis-----------cus-----------sio-----------n f-----------oru-----------m, ----------- Wa-----------tch----------- th-----------e v-----------ide-----------o,-----------Ge-----------t A-----------cqu-----------ain-----------ted----------- Wi-----------th -----------Lab-----------Sim----------- Pr-----------odu-----------ct -----------–----------- Te-----------stO-----------ut -----------Lab-----------Sim-----------Lin-----------ks -----------to -----------an -----------ext-----------ern-----------al -----------sit-----------e..----------- R-----------evi-----------ew -----------the----------- do-----------cum-----------ent----------- H-----------YPE-----------RLI-----------NK -----------&qu-----------ot;-----------htt-----------ps:-----------//;
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