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Category > Business & Finance Posted 23 Jan 2024 My Price 5.00

GEN 103 Week 5 Discussion 1 Scholarship Is Conversation

Scholarship Is Conversation [WLO: 1] [CLO: 1]


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Scholarship is an ongoing conversation in which experts create ideas, add new information, offer rebuttals, and engage in debates. As a user, consumer, and creator of information, you can join scholarly conversations and add your voice to various issues. This discussion is an opportunity to explore an ongoing conversation and consider how you would participate in this type of discourse in the future.

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  • TopicBriefly summarize the main topic of the scholarly article you selected.
  • Other authors. Explain how two experts besides the authors have contributed to the conversation in the article you selected. Tip: Check the references and in-text citations to identify experts.
    • Provide APA Style–formatted in-text citations for any information from the article you use to support your response.
  • Your contributionDescribe how you could contribute to this conversation from an academic, professional, or personal perspective.
  • Scholarship as conversationDiscuss why it is important that, as a student and scholar, you understand that scholarship is an ongoing conversation.

Your initial post is due on Day 3 (Thursday).

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Guided Response: 

Review your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two of your peers by Day 7. Each peer response should be a minimum of 50 words.

In your peer responses, share

  • other ways your peers could involve themselves in the ongoing conversation they selected,
  • and your thoughts on what your peers shared about the importance of understanding that scholarship is an ongoing conversation.

An important part of your learning involves the exchange of ideas and feedback with your peers and instructor. It is also tied to the participation and critical thinking components of your earned discussion grade. In your responses share ideas, explore different perspectives, and think critically about your classmates’ posts.



Status NEW Posted 23 Jan 2024 09:01 AM My Price 5.00

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file 1706000593-GEN 103 Week 5 Discussion 1 Scholarship Is Conversation.docx preview (755 words )
G-----------EN -----------103----------- We-----------ek -----------5 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- 1 -----------Sch-----------ola-----------rsh-----------ip -----------Is -----------Con-----------ver-----------sat-----------ion----------- S-----------cho-----------lar-----------shi-----------p I-----------s C-----------onv-----------ers-----------ati-----------on -----------[WL-----------O: -----------1] -----------[CL-----------O: -----------1] -----------  ----------- ----------- Pr-----------epa-----------re:-----------  ----------- Re-----------ad -----------the----------- W-----------eek----------- 5 -----------Wee-----------kly----------- Le-----------sso-----------n. ----------- Wa-----------tch----------- th-----------e -----------Res-----------ear-----------ch -----------as -----------Con-----------ver-----------sat-----------ion-----------: I-----------nfo-----------rma-----------tio-----------n L-----------ite-----------rac-----------yLi-----------nks----------- to----------- an----------- ex-----------ter-----------nal----------- si-----------te.----------- v-----------ide-----------o. ----------- Re-----------vie-----------w o-----------ne -----------of -----------the----------- ar-----------tic-----------les----------- yo-----------u h-----------ave----------- ch-----------ose-----------n f-----------or -----------you-----------r R-----------ese-----------arc-----------h T-----------opi-----------c S-----------hor-----------t E-----------ssa-----------y. -----------  ----------- ----------- Re-----------fle-----------ct:-----------  ----------- Sc-----------hol-----------ars-----------hip----------- is----------- an----------- on-----------goi-----------ng -----------con-----------ver-----------sat-----------ion----------- in----------- wh-----------ich----------- ex-----------per-----------ts -----------cre-----------ate----------- id-----------eas-----------, a-----------dd -----------new----------- in-----------for-----------mat-----------ion-----------,
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