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IND 299 Week 8 Discussion Wrapping Up

IND 299 Week 8 Discussion Wrapping Up

For your final discussion, create a LinkedIn account if you do not have one already, and begin building your profile based on what you learned in this module's resources. If you already have a profile, update it accordingly. In your post, share your LinkedIn Public Profile URL with your classmates. Directions on how to share your profile are available. Along with the link, respond to the following prompt for your main post.

The BA.GST degree is a tremendous asset to your professional goals. The key will be persuading people to see the value of this degree. Now that you have started thinking about your personal brand, how are you going to pitch yourself to your potential employers? What is your thirty-second elevator speech?

Consider the following in your response:

  • What makes this degree so important to your goals and how does it make you stand out from others?
  • How will this degree reflect the skills that employers today are looking for in college graduates?
  • In what ways have you effectively communicated this so far in your LinkedIn profile?

Respond to at least two of your peers by offering suggestions to help them continue building and improving their LinkedIn profile. Ask questions if anything needs to be clarified in their profile.


Status NEW Posted 12 Feb 2024 05:02 AM My Price 5.00

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file 1707714961-IND 299 Week 8 Discussion Wrapping Up.docx preview (452 words )
I-----------ND -----------299----------- We-----------ek -----------8 D-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion----------- Wr-----------app-----------ing----------- Up----------- F-----------or -----------you-----------r f-----------ina-----------l d-----------isc-----------uss-----------ion-----------, c-----------rea-----------te -----------a L-----------ink-----------edI-----------n a-----------cco-----------unt----------- if----------- yo-----------u d-----------o n-----------ot -----------hav-----------e o-----------ne -----------alr-----------ead-----------y, -----------and----------- be-----------gin----------- bu-----------ild-----------ing----------- yo-----------ur -----------pro-----------fil-----------e b-----------ase-----------d o-----------n w-----------hat----------- yo-----------u l-----------ear-----------ned----------- in----------- th-----------is -----------mod-----------ule-----------'s -----------res-----------our-----------ces-----------. I-----------f y-----------ou -----------alr-----------ead-----------y h-----------ave----------- a -----------pro-----------fil-----------e, -----------upd-----------ate----------- it----------- ac-----------cor-----------din-----------gly-----------. I-----------n y-----------our----------- po-----------st,----------- sh-----------are----------- yo-----------ur -----------Lin-----------ked-----------In -----------Pub-----------lic----------- Pr-----------ofi-----------le -----------URL----------- wi-----------th -----------you-----------r c-----------las-----------sma-----------tes-----------. D-----------ire-----------cti-----------ons----------- on----------- h-----------ow -----------to -----------sha-----------re -----------you-----------r p-----------rof-----------ile----------- a-----------re -----------ava-----------ila-----------ble-----------. A-----------lon-----------g w-----------ith----------- th-----------e l-----------ink-----------, r-----------esp-----------ond----------- to-----------
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