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IND 299 Week 3-2 Final Project Milestone Two Enduring Skills

IND 299 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric


As you build your goal statement and develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities, identifying your strengths and weaknesses will help you focus on how you can improve or achieve these skills in your educational career and beyond. These skills can then be listed on your resume or employment profile as the primary way you market yourself as a General Studies graduate and professional.  

As you prepare for this milestone, review the concentrations list to begin to consider how your concentration will support your SMART goals and reinforce your skills.  

In Milestone Two, you will identify three enduring skills that will complement your concentration and help you to successfully achieve your specific goal in a way that is relevant to your career field.  


In this milestone, you will connect your academic learning to specific enduring skills to determine the value of this knowledge and how it can be applied to your goal statement. Enduring skills refer to skills that will benefit you throughout your lifetime both in your professional life and in your personal life beyond the workplace. Refer to the module resources to refresh your memory on the many enduring skills you can choose from to complete this assignment.  

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

  • Identify three enduring skills that define any aspect of your prior or planned academic learning related to your SMART Goal in Milestone One. Which potential courses did you locate in the SNHU catalogue that are part of a possible concentration that align with these enduring skills? How do those courses support your achievement of these skills? Name at least three courses or prior experiences for each skill. You may combine experiences and courses in your response.  
  • Explain how any prior or planned academic learning relates to personal strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to refer to the specific enduring skills you are developing.  
  • What additional learning, courses, or research do you feel you could use to expand on your skills? How will this academic learning connect to your unique pathway and goal statement? Be sure to address why this knowledge is valuable to your goals and how will it help you plan your future.

What to Submit

Your short paper should be a 4- to 6-paragraph Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and a bibliography in APA format. Support your responses with research. 


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