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IND 299 Week 5-1 Final Project Milestone Three Coursework and Concentration

IND 299 Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric


For this milestone you will focus on Concentration and Coursework.  

In Milestone Two, you considered enduring skills that are related to your prior or planned learning, how you can utilize or develop those skills in a concentration, and how that might contribute to your goal statement.  

For this milestone, you will focus on your chosen concentration(s) and coursework. Part of this will include your use of the recommended pathway that you began exploring in the previous modules to help you determine the courses you need or have already taken that count toward your concentration. Another part of this will involve working with your advisor to ensure accuracy of your pathway and to identify all of the courses that you have previously taken as well as those you need to take in order to graduate. This will also involve researching the value of your concentration in support of your goals. In what way will the concentration you choose benefit them? What challenges might someone in that field face and how does your degree/concentration prepare you to overcome them? 


In this milestone, you will select the concentration for your academic plan of study, as well as plan out the remaining coursework for your degree program. 

NOTE: All students are expected to review the academic catalog for prerequisite courses that are required as part of their program. All courses and their prerequisites must be program applicable for financial aid purposes. Please check with your advisor if you have questions about this.

Write a short paper that addresses the following critical elements

  1. Concentration: To complete this section, you will need to choose a concentration in the BA.GST program using the provided list and then research what knowledge, skills, and abilities you will need to complete this concentration.  
    1. Defend the concentration you have chosen based on how it will help you achieve your personal or professional goals. Be sure to reference the knowledge you plan to gain in the concentration. 
    2. Back up your assertions with research that supports your concentration choice and be sure to provide citations for any sources you consult.  
  2. Coursework: In this section, you will think about your enduring skills and your concentration in relation to your goal, and you will plan out the coursework for your entire degree program. This should be a specific and detailed outline of the number of credits needed, the courses needed at each level (200-level, 300-level, etc.), the courses you have already completed, and so on. 
    1. Provide an organized list of your degree requirements and your completed and planned coursework. Be sure to organize courses according to your program evaluation. 
    2. Provide a brief annotation (one to two sentences) of each listed course, illustrating why the course is applicable to your personal or professional goals. 

What to Submit

Your paper should be a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document written in APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.


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