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Category > Psychology Posted 14 Feb 2024 My Price 8.00

PSY 355 Week 4 Motivation and Emotion Poster

Resource: Motivation and Emotion Poster Grading Guide


Create a poster or infographic containing at least 700 words in which you examine the concept of emotions in the everyday lives of children in either elementary, middle, or high school. This assignment could be delivered in a classroom setting to educate young students about the relationship between emotions and motivation.

Research Infographic. It is a new concept to many. Use Google and Google Image to get a "picture" of what you are expected to create. Please do the research to avoid receiving a lower score. All expected components must be included (700 words, and appropriate definitions).


PLEASE NOTE: You can use PowerPoint or MS Word to create an Infographic. However, please be advised this assignment it NOT a PowerPoint nor is it a paper. Do enough research to understand how you use Microsoft tools to create a poster/infographic. Do NOT submit a PowerPoint or a "normal" Word document.


Address the following in your poster or infographic:

  • Define emotion.
  • Provide examples of the basic and complex emotions children in these grade levels may experience, as well as the role they play in human life and development. Include an analysis of the biological and cognitive factors.
  • Explain how appraisal affects emotion.
  • Explain the relationship between motivation, emotion, and behavior by evaluating the effectiveness of various theories on emotion in explaining these behaviors.


Include at least 2 references from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources plus the textbook.


Format any citations according to APA guidelines.


Submit your assignment.





Status NEW Posted 14 Feb 2024 11:02 PM My Price 8.00

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