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Jerry Feingold

  1. Question:

1.    Jerry Feingold wants a program that will help him calculate the amount to tip a waiter at a restaurant. The program should subtract any liquor charge from the total bill and then calculate the tip (using a percentage) on the remainder. Finally, the program should display the tip on the screen. Desk-check your solutions algorithm using $85 as the total bill, $20 as the liquor charge, and 20% as the tip percentage, Then desk check using $35 as the total bill, 0$ as the liquor charge, and 15% as the tip percentage.


2.        Party-On sells individual hot/cold cups and dessert plates for parties. Sue Chen wants a program that allows her to enter the price of a cup, the price of a plate, the number of cups purchased, and the number of plates purchased. The program should then calculate the total cost of the purchase, including the sales tax. Finally, the program should display the total cost on the screen. Desk-check your solutions algorithm using $0.50 as the cup price, $1 as the plate price, 35 as the number of cups, 35 as the number of plates, and 2% as the tax rate. Then desk-check it using $0.25, $0.75, 20, 10, and 6%


3.        Modify the answer to question 1 as follows. Jerry will be charging the total bill, including the tip, to his credit card. Modify the soluction so that, in addition to calculating and displaying the appropriate tip, it aslso calculates and displayes the amount charged to Jerrys credit card. Desk-check the algorithm using $50 as the total bill, $5 as the liquor charge, and 15% as the tip percentage.




Below are the completed algorithms for questions 1 & 2.

Output: tip Input: total bill liquor charge tip percentage


1. enter the total bill, liquor charge, and tip percentage

2. calculate the tip by subtracting the liquor charge from the total bill, and then multiplying the remainder by the tip percentage

3. display the tip

1. Output: total cost of purchase Processing: total cup cost total plate cost subtotal

Input: cup price plate price number of cups number of plates sales tax rate


1. enter the cup price, plate price, number of cups, number of plates, and sales tax rate

2. calculate the total cup cost by multiplying the number of cups by the cup price

3. calculate the total plate cost by multiplying the number of plates by the plate price

4. calculate the subtotal by adding together the total cup cost and total plate cost

5. calculate the total cost of purchase by multiplying the subtotal by the sales tax rate, and then adding the result to the subtotal

6. display the total cost of purchase




Status NEW Posted 24 May 2017 02:05 AM My Price 9.00



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