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1. (TCO 9) What type of menu displays a choice and then immediately the action? (Points : 3)

       Single-level menu


       Multiple-level menu


       Step-level menu


       Sublevel menu



2. (TCO 9) What is the method used to make sure that valid selections are processed? (Points : 3)

       Input validation loop


       Including the Default clause in the case structure


       Use of an Else clause


       All of the above


3. (TCO 9) Which of the following is included as a member of a class? (Points : 3)





       Field and method


       None of the above


4. (TCO 9)Which of the following is true of a constructor and destructor of the same class? (Points : 3)

       Both are called manually because they are not explicitly defined in the class.


       Only one is usually called once per object created.


       They both are able to have default arguments.


       Both are called automatically, even if they are not explicitly defined in the class.



5. (TCO 9) Every object of the same class _____. (Points : 3)

       gets a copy of every member function and member variable


       gets a copy of every member variable


       gets a copy of every member function


       shares pointers to all member variables and member functions



6. (TCO 9) Create a code segment that defines a class definition for a student. Include at least two properties and two methods. Also explain the reason why there is a public and private section associated with class definitions. (Points : 5)


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