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Category > Math Posted 19 Apr 2017 My Price 8.00

A chef has 1623 pounds of beef

***Must show ALL work***

6.  (5/5/12) ÷ (1/1/4)2

7.   5/÷ 1/× 1/6

8.  A chef has 1623 pounds of beef. How many one-third burgers can he make?

9.  Find the perimeter and area of a square that has side length 7.35 cm. Round, if necessary, to the nearest hundredth of a unit. Include units in your answer.

10.  Diane stopped at Sheetz and filled the tank in her RV; the odometer read 51, 456.6. After the next fill up, the odometer read 51, 801.5. It took 21.5 gallons to fill the tank. How many miles per gallon did the RV get between fill-ups?

11.  The diameter of the Ferris wheel at Six Flags is 205 feet. Use 3.14 as an approximation for π to find the circumference of the wheel and round your answer to the nearest foot. How far would a person travel if they rode the Ferris wheel 5 times? Round to the nearest foot.


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