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Category > History Posted 24 Jun 2017 My Price 6.00

EDF 3521 Education in History Assignment #2

EDF 3521 Education in History
Assignment #2
Please read through the premise/question (s) very carefully. Be sure to address all parts of the
premise/question. It is expected that your response will be well-thought out, proof read, and
contain the necessary citations to indicate your understanding and connection of ideas of the
John Dewey and “My Pedagogic Creed” Premise: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, in an interview on “All Things Considered” on NPR talks about the
necessity of speaking up. Listen to it here: Given all that is happening in our country today
within the parameters of racial issues, Abdul-Jabbar brings up the nature of social/racial issues. As an
athlete and activist, he demonstrates a necessity for being socially active and taking a stand. Dewey
talks about the importance of schooling and treating it as a social institution so that children, when they
leave schools, are able to address the needs of society Using direct language from the interview and quotes from the text (Dewey and Spring), answer the

• What questions would John Dewey ask Kareem Abdul-Jabbar?
Why would he ask those questions?
How does Dewey’s point of view contrast or compliment Abdul-Jabbar’s? How do they
philosophically align (or not)?
What would Abdul-Jabbar say to Dewey about education and teachers and schools and
curriculum? Your response should be thoughtful, comprehensive, and clear.



Status NEW Posted 24 Jun 2017 01:06 AM My Price 6.00



file 1498268270-Solutions file.docx preview (51 words )
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