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Food Service, writing assignment help

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respond to each section separately and with a minimum of 200 words per each section. NO PLAGIARISM WILL BE ACCEPTED

Week 5 Discussion


1.        HTM 100 (Principles of Hospitality & Tourism Management)

"Managed Services (20 points)" Please respond to the following:

     All of us have consumed food and beverages from contract-managed food providers (e.g., school cafeteria, theaters, sporting events, airline, etc.). Describe a time when you consumed food from a contract-managed food provider and determine what steps could have been taken to make the experience more enjoyable. Provide specific examples to support your response.

     A food service manager has to perform various duties as part of his or her job responsibilities. Rank four to six of the major job responsibilities in order of importance. Provide a rationale for your ranking.


2. POL 300 (Contemporary International Problems)

"Egypt in Turmoil"  Please respond to the following:

     Explain the causes of the turmoil in Egypt in early 2011.

     Elaborate on at least two perspectives on the situation.

     Appraise the prospects for the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt now that that country is in turmoil.


3. POL 110 (U.S Government)

"The Two-Party System" Please respond to the following:

     Based on the scenario and the knowledge gained from this section, address the following:

      Discuss one effect that the two-party system of the U.S. has on the political interests of American citizens. Suggest one reason why the two-party system has regulated the emergence and successful contention of a major third party in presidential elections.



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