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Human resources officer at Peace Corps, writing assignment help

Question description


 read through your classmates' "100-word About Me" entries and provide feedback to at least two classmates. Where might the classmate be too wordy or not concise enough? In what other ways might she/he look to incorporate keywords/phrases from the job announcements? How else might she/he think about establishing her/his brand? What else might you offer?

Each response to classmates should be around 100 words


The following jobs announcements suit my area of specialization; therefore, I would apply for them upon my graduation.

Human resources officer at Peace Corps

Customer Service Manager at Department of State Agency

Sales Associate at Marine Corps Community Services

The human resources managerial position at Peace Corps is located in the Overseas Recruitment Office, Selection and Support Division. The duties include the provision of strategic recruitment and placement advisory services.

The customer service managerial position at the department of state is a full-time position in the Bureau of Consular Affairs, New York Passport Agency. The duties include customer service program plans and directions, top communication agents on the passport application and issuance.

The sales associate position at the Marine Corps Community Services is located at MCAS YUMA, AZ. Successful candidates are expected to serve as sales associates, and their duties will include the provision of high-quality customer services and sales support to the clients in the Marine Corps Exchange stores.

Kistler’s piece on “How to Write a Bio” is important in many ways in helping one draft their bio. The article helps one understand how to begin the bio in a clear way that is understandable and attractive to the audience. Secondly, the piece is useful in presenting a bio in a manner that addresses a specific audience to capture ideal opportunities. Thirdly, the article stresses the importance of demonstrating how one is contributing to their niche or area of specification.


Jiasheng Tu is an international student in SVSU. He is a positive thinking, and honest spirit of open-minded, studious attitude towards the work of a conscientious and responsible person. In school, accounting courses cultivated his patience, careful, and the strong logical thinking ability. Researching and case studying of marketing courses make me have proficient verbal and written communication skills, and with a sense of teamwork. As a modern university student, he is also proficient with Microsoft Office Suite products. In subsequent work, he will constantly enrich themselves through learning. He also like to join in the activities, and play with everyone. On the other hand, he also completed many projects for the research. He hopes he can be a manager in the future. 


I found three job listing on the Http:// (链接到外部网站。). first one I found is the IS Sr. Business Analyst, Finance. I’m business major so I hope to found the job have some relationship with my major. In my future career I need lots of the experience about the business, so hopeful I need all kind of the job have the relationship with my major. The main aim for me is to get enough experience. And the career category belong to the business management and administration, it will be suitable for me. Second one I found is business analyst intern also is the same career category with the first job. As for the reason why I want to found about the intern, I believe I need lots of experiences. This company can help me learn how to become an useful in my future career, in addition this company think highly of the employees. The last one I found is about business development manager-heavy duty. For the before two job, I think just for the experience, as the same time I also need give me some pressure to challenge my self, for this job has lot of duty, this job is for the car trade, not only need to pay attention to the car like the new project how to control the carbon dioxide and the cost of the fuel, in addition also need to pay attention to the market, need to deal with all kind of the things. (链接到外部网站。) (链接到外部网站。) (链接到外部网站。)

About me

Jifeng Ma is a student in SVSU, and will graduated at the end of this semester. He’s business major, and hope to get the job with the relationship with his major. This is the first job of him, so the main aim for him is to get enough experience. Although he is a new in career but don’t worry he know what he should do, sometimes can solve some difficult problem will bring the surprise to the company. He can deal with the relationship with others pretty well, he has a pretty good ability of the communication and the handwriting. So it will be pretty to let him solve some conflict and write the analysis, this is what he good at.


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