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Category > Calculus Posted 10 Jul 2017 My Price 6.00

A wrotation about the origin

13. A wrotation about the origin is applied to the point ms, —2}. Which of
the following best represents the new location of point H? CI [1.16, 3.42]. C) {2.49, 2.61} D (an, 2.33} D [2.91, 2.14}
14. Figure ALI-o with vertices 21(1th RULE], and tow—La} is rotate into figure
A’B’C’ with coordinates A‘ (“TE “TE ,B*{—a‘§, fl], and 0* (— “Ti — “’75) What is
the angle of rotation? C] —45‘ 0 —3D" (3 an“ O 45" 15. The figure PQRS will be rotated about the origin twice, by 12o“ each
time, to create the logo for a new product. Which of the following represent vertices in the completed logo, expressed to the nearest 0.01
units? CI {—3.4s,—2.on} U [—2. no. —a. 46] C] [—1137, 1. 37]. D to. 37, 1. 3?]



Status NEW Posted 10 Jul 2017 02:07 AM My Price 6.00



file 1499655491-Solutions file.docx preview (51 words )
S-----------olu-----------tio-----------ns -----------fil-----------e -----------Hel-----------lo -----------Sir-----------/Ma-----------dam----------- T-----------han-----------k y-----------ou -----------for----------- yo-----------ur -----------int-----------ere-----------st -----------and----------- bu-----------yin-----------g m-----------y p-----------ost-----------ed -----------sol-----------uti-----------on.----------- Pl-----------eas-----------e p-----------ing----------- me----------- on----------- ch-----------at -----------I a-----------m o-----------nli-----------ne -----------or -----------inb-----------ox -----------me -----------a m-----------ess-----------age----------- I -----------wil-----------l b-----------e q-----------uic-----------kly----------- on-----------lin-----------e a-----------nd -----------giv-----------e y-----------ou -----------exa-----------ct -----------fil-----------e a-----------nd -----------the----------- sa-----------me -----------fil-----------e i-----------s a-----------lso----------- se-----------nt -----------to -----------you-----------r e-----------mai-----------l t-----------hat----------- is----------- re-----------gis-----------ter-----------ed -----------on-----------th-----------is -----------web-----------sit-----------e -----------Tha-----------nk -----------you----------- -----------
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