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paraphrase my answers ( only 2 short questions )

1. Many contemporary languages allow two kinds of comments: one in which delimiters are used on both ends (multiple-line comments), and one in which a delimiter marks only the beginning of the comment (oneline comments). Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these with respect to our criteria.

The main disadvantage of using paired delimiters for comments is that it results in diminished reliability. It is easy to inadvertently leave off the final delimiter, which extends the comment to the end of the next comment, effectively removing code from the program. The advantage of paired delimiters is that you can comment out areas of a program. The disadvantage of using only beginning delimiters is that they must be repeated on every line of a block of comments. This can be tedious and therefore errorprone. The advantage is that you cannot make the mistake of forgetting the closing delimiter.

2. What are the arguments both for and against the idea of a typeless language?

Arguments for are obvious flexibility and ease of use. Without having to define a data type the programmer is free to develop code that is generated quickly and without much thought. Learning the language is much simpler because one doesn’t have to determine size or how the compiler will interpret the type later on, only what information must be included.



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