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Assignment # 1: Perception and Decision Making


Instructions:Please respond to two questions for this assignment. Question 1 is required, and you have a choice between Question 2 and Question 3 (respond to either one). 

1.        With reference to the film ‘12 Angry Men’, discuss three perception or cognitive biases that you saw jury members engaging in. Be sure to name the bias and describe scenes from the movie that support your analysis.


Pick one of the following two questions to respond:

2.        Provide an example of the application of Kelley’s Attribution theory. Be sure to discuss the three factors that govern interpretation while attributing causality and clearly indicate the direction of influence (high/low) for the factors.


3.        Consider the cognitive biases we discussed in class or those provided in the reading on decision-making. Now relate any one of the cognitive biases to your own personal experience and describe the following:

a.        Name the cognitive bias you experienced

b.        Discuss the situation and how the bias played out

c.        Also discuss what you could have done to avoid the bias





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