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a chapter summary,

     This is a 4-5 page assignment consisting of a chapter summary, interview, and reflection of this course. The paper should be at least 4 full double-spaced pages as a minimum and needs to be stapled with page numbers, black ink, 12pt. Times New Roman font. You should have 1” margins on all sides and no excessive spacing. Remember, I reward extra effort and will grade accordingly. I will also take into consideration your attention to formatting requirements and spelling/grammatical errors. 

     The first part of the paper (1-2 pgs.) is a summary of an ‘Anthropology Today’ case study from any chapter in the textbook. You may choose your chapter of interest, as most of them will have a case study highlighted in pink. You should describe the case study, explain why you chose it, and discuss how it relates to our class lectures/videos/discussions of that same topic.  

     Next, you will come up with 3-4 interview questions of your choice that connect with that theme and discuss them with someone you know. This section (1-2 pgs.) allows you to examine that particular chapter/theme in greater detail and apply it in a real-world context. I prefer you to use open-ended questions, such as “describe…,” “explain…,” “what do you think of…,” “why…,” which allow your interviewee to give longer answers, rather than ones that can be answered with a short “yes/no” response. I will give you some suggestions on possible types of questions in class, but feel free to be creative (and respectful) when you ask them. You can always ask more than 4 questions if needed, depending on your answers.

     The final portion of the paper (1-2 pgs.) is a general reflection of the course. You can discuss what your favorite topic(s) was in class and explain why, what you learned, if anything surprised you about the themes we examined, and how you can apply this information in your major/career. This is also a good time to tell me whether or not you plan on taking other anthropology courses in the future and which ones may be of interest if you chose to do so. 


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