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Compose a minimum of two replies to classmates

Compose a minimum of two replies to classmates. In your replies, supplement your classmates’ ideas by offering an additional use for the tool to enhance teaching and learning. For example, you can suggest how high school students might use Glogster to create public service announcement posters to distribute around the school for a health class assignment.

1.Debra Root

Think about how each of the tools you explored can enhance teaching and/or learning. Give a specific example of each educational use of: * a photo storage toolI have not had too much experience with a photo storage tool (the most advanced I ever got was ClipArt - sorry!) but from what I saw when my husband was doing a photo calendar for my mom of her cute grandkids (our two sons) when they were younger I don't remember him get too frustrated or irritated with Shutterfly (I heard no curse words, anyhow!). I could see how it would be a good upgrade from all I ever known though.* a social networking tool such as LinkedInWhat facebook is to social media, LinkedIn is to business networking. It is definitely a useful tool to get your resume and name out into the job world, so that potential employers know that you are there and looking for work.*the use of images in teaching to help student learningI remember while I was growing up and in middle school, I discovered that if the social studies teacher did not erase completely the notes from problem questions off the chalkboard, I would be able to pick out something and be able to make out enough from my memory of what the board had said before he erased it. I have a very vivid memory, and I could see how well the use of any type of visual aids would be good in getting and keeping the attention of some students that might lose interest quickly without them. I would love to use all types of visual aids to keep attention of these kids that I work with (I am an intervention teacher for grades K-6) , it may be a challenge with some since they have such a huge exposure to all sorts of images being thrown at them all day via the internet on their phones, tablets, etc.

2.Ashley Merrell

  • What are some advantages of collecting images on a site like Flickr?
I would definitely say a major advantage is staying organized and all photos/videos/images will be collectively in one location which will save time and a headache trying to retrieve it from multiple sources. Also, being able to be creative with it and produce a more interesting way of displaying your life in not just pictures but with your touch of artwork. 
  • How can a teacher use these tools in the classroom to help students learn?
One is getting students associated more with the technology and using the tools to upload and create their images. Also exercising their imagination and allowing students to be creative with it and show a different side of them.Plus, helping them stay organized and learn these tools early are a bonus!


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