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Category > Social Science Posted 31 Jul 2017 My Price 11.00

a works cited page with this assignment listing your sources and make sure to cite in your essay from your articles.

For this assignment you will find two (2) articles from two different Internet news sources: one that leans conservative and one that leans liberal on the SAMEtopic.

Using your articles as sources, in 350-400 words, please address the following:

How do the two articles differ in how they discuss/ approach this particular topic/ issue? is there a clear bias in the articles? What tone (for example negative/ positive) is used by each source in discussing the issue? Use specific examples from the articles to demonstrate this bias and tone. Do you believe it is okay for new sources to be biased as long as the public is aware of these biases? Why or why not?

Please include a works cited page with this assignment listing your sources and make sure to cite in your essay from your articles.

This assignment is due on Blackboard by Tuesday, 28 March 2017, by 11:59PM. 


Status NEW Posted 31 Jul 2017 01:07 PM My Price 11.00

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