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a leading train consultancy company


Sparks is a leading train consultancy company that has been in the top ranks for more than 20years since its operations nationwide. In view of the newly introduced SGR, Sparks Company has been tasked with the responsibility ofensuring effective services delivery for all the SGR operations. (Assumption: SGR is operational country wide). You are the Chief Information Officer of Sparks. With your vast knowledge of how information systems can provide criticalinformation to assist the company to be more effective, prepare a proposal to the top management. Your proposal should highlight:

a)      What type(s) of information systems that shouldbe implemented

b)     Describe the system(s) functions in detail.

c)      Describe the IT infrastructure that will be used, highlighting the components and levels of IT infrastructure.

d)     Describe the levels of management that the Information system will serve.

e)      Describe how the information system will support the major business functions.

f)       Describe how the information systems will support various business strategies for competitive advantage.

g)     Identify the challenges posed by implementing the information systems, the management solutions and the appropriate strategies to manage the system implementation process.


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