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Category > Communications Posted 14 Sep 2017 My Price 10.00

overloaded function

1. When a function returns a value, what declares if it is an integer, float, or char?

2. When a function is called by reference, it is determined by declaring that the calling arguments are


3. When creating an overloaded function, what makes it unique since the function names are identical?

4. If recursion is used for programming then the function has to be ?

5. What is the reference operator and what does it return as its operation result.

6. Suppose the following declaration: int* p. P is what data type?

7. In the above question, how much is the value increased by the increment of p? i.e. p++?

8. What type of pointer points to a value that has no type (undetermined length and dereference


9. What is a type cast in C/C++?

10. Why would a pointer to a function be used?

11. What type of construct is functocall in the following example?

int operation (int x, int y, int (*functocall)(int,int))

12. How is a member accessed with a named declaration of a structure or class?

13. How is a member accessed with a pointer of a structure or class?

14. Using a typedef allows the programmer to do what?

typedef existing_type new_type_name ;

15. Enumerations are used to create what?


Status NEW Posted 14 Sep 2017 10:09 PM My Price 10.00

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