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At 32 weeks' gestation, a woman is scheduled

____  51.   At 32 weeks' gestation, a woman is scheduled for a second non-stress test (following one she had at 28 weeks' gestation). Which statement by the client would indicate an adequate understanding of this procedure?

1. "I can't get up and walk around during the test."

2. "I'll have an IV started before the test."

3. "I can still smoke before the test."

4. "I need to have a full bladder for this test."

____  52.   The nurse is working in an outpatient clinic. Which client's indications most warrant fetal monitoring in the third trimester?

1. Gravida 4, para 3, 39 weeks, with a history of one spontaneous abortion at 8 weeks

2. Gravida 1, para 0, 40 weeks, with a history of endometriosis and a prior appendectomy

3. Gravida 3, para 2, with a history of gestational diabetes controlled by diet

4. Gravida 2, para 1, 36 weeks, with a history of history of preterm labor or cervical insufficiency

____  53.   A client at 37 weeks' gestation has a mildly elevated blood pressure. Her antenatal testing demonstrates three contractions in 10 minutes, no decelerations, and accelerations four times in 1 hour. What would this test be considered?

1. Positive non-stress test

2. Negative contraction stress test

3. Positive contraction stress test

4. Negative non-stress test

____  54.   Of all the clients who have been scheduled to have a biophysical profile, the nurse should check with the physician and clarify the order for which client?

1. A gravida with intrauterine growth restriction

2. A gravida with mild hypotension of pregnancy

3. A gravida who is postterm

4. A gravida who complains of decreased fetal movement for 2 days

____  55.   The client with an abnormal quadruple screen is scheduled for an ultrasound. Which statement indicates that the client understands the need for this additional antepartal fetal surveillance?

1. "After the ultrasound, my partner and I will decide how to decorate the nursery."

2. "During the ultrasound we will see which of us the baby looks like most."

3. "The ultrasound will show whether there are abnormalities with the baby's spine."

4. "The blood test wasn't run correctly, and now we need to have the sonogram."

____  56.   A 27-year-old married woman is 16 weeks pregnant and has an abnormally low maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein test. Which statement indicates that the couple understands the implications of this test result?

1. "We have decided to have an abortion if this baby has Down syndrome."

2. "If we hadn't had this test, we wouldn't have to worry about this baby."

3. "I'll eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables until I have the ultrasound."

4. "The ultrasound should be normal because I'm under the age of 35."

____  57.   The nurse is preparing a client for amniocentesis. Which statement would indicate that the client clearly understands the risks of an amniocentesis?

1. "I might go into labor early."

2. "It could produce a congenital defect in my baby."

3. "Actually, there are no real risks to this procedure."

4. "The test could stunt my baby's growth."

____  58.   Each of the following pregnant women is scheduled for a 14-week antepartal visit. In planning care, the nurse would give priority teaching on amniotic fluid alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) screening to which client?

1. 28-year-old with history of rheumatic heart disease

2. 18-year-old with exposure to HIV

3. 20-year-old with a history of preterm labor

4. 35-year-old with a child with spina bifida

____  59.   The client at 14 weeks' gestation has undergone a transvaginal ultrasound to assess cervical length. The ultrasound revealed cervical funneling. How should the nurse explain these findings to the client?

1. "Your cervix has become cone-shaped and more open at the end near the baby."

2. "Your cervix is lengthened, and you will deliver your baby prematurely."

3. "Your cervix is short, and has become wider at the end that extends into the vagina."

4. "Your cervix was beginning to open but now is starting to close up again."


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