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Which of the following is NOT an advantage to using a grid layout system?

Question 1 of 20

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  • Which of the following is NOT an advantage to using a grid layout system? A. Helps your customers understand your first read better
  •  B. Gives your customers the ability to predict where common data will be displayed
  •  C. Makes designing future pages for the site easier
  •  D. Reduces clutter



Question 2 of 20

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  • Because of the issues of the "fold," where should the most important information on your web site be placed? A. Left column
  •  B. Right column
  •  C. Bottom
  •  D. Top



Question 3 of 20

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  • When is it a good idea to use an expanding screen width? A. When you don't know how large your customer's screen will be
  •  B. When the site has a large first read
  •  C. When a site has a lot of navigation elements
  •  D. When your screen resolution is below 1028x764



Question 4 of 20

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  • What kind of content favors the use of fixed screen width web sites? A. Web sites with a lot of navigation such as forums based sites
  •  B. Web sites with a lot of writing and text such as articles and essays
  •  C. Web sites with a lot of video rich content such as entertainment sites
  •  D. Web sites with text heavy first reads



Question 5 of 20

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  • Which of the following lines of HTML code shows a table cell with a fixed width of 170 pixels? A. <td w=170>
  •  B. <td width=170>
  •  C. <td width="170%">
  •  D. <td width="170">



Question 6 of 20

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  • Search modules should ALWAYS be: A. complex
  •  B. simple
  •  C. multifaceted
  •  D. multifunctional



Question 7 of 20

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  • Search action modules should: A. only be on the front page.
  •  B. be on specific key pages.
  •  C. be on every page.
  •  D. be given their own dedicated page.



Question 8 of 20

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  • Search engines should NOT: A. be too vague.
  •  B. require extreme precision.
  •  C. require thorough data input.
  •  D. be too descriptive.



Question 9 of 20

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  • Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a good search result page? A. Provide hyper linked text titles
  •  B. Summaries with each search result
  •  C. Compensation for common misspellings during searches
  •  D. Large amounts of data with each search result



Question 10 of 20

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  • Tabbed navigation is limited by the: A. minimum number of tabs you can create.
  •  B. number of categories you can create.
  •  C. amount of space available to display tabs.
  •  D. jump menu.



Question 11 of 20

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  • Action buttons should be __________ than other buttons. A. larger
  •  B. smaller
  •  C. closer to the top of the page
  •  D. more monochromatic



Question 12 of 20

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  • Customers are generally asking themselves three questions while they are navigating on your web site. Which of the following is NOT one of the questions? A. Where am I now?
  •  B. Where did I come from?
  •  C. Where can I go from here?
  •  D. How did I get here?



Question 13 of 20

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  • When considering embedded links; text links should be: A. long
  •  B. short
  •  C. densely packed
  •  D. similar to other text



Question 14 of 20

5.0/ 5.0 Points


  • Which of the following does NOT help prevent errors? A. Provide sample formatting for customer answers
  •  B. Have customer give their e-mail so you can e-mail them back to confirm their answers
  •  C. Clearly mark required fields
  •  D. Make sure your database software accepts multiple forms of answers



Question 15 of 20

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  • Which of the following are designed to give customers an overview of the site? A. Jump menu
  •  B. Permalink
  •  C. Full column view
  •  D. Sitemap



Question 16 of 20

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  • Which of the following is the best file format for creating a file that has a transparency? A. GIF
  •  B. JPEG
  •  C. PNG
  •  D. TIFF



Question 17 of 20

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  • Which of the following compression types should you watch for loss of image quality? A. Lossless compression
  •  B. Lossy compression
  •  C. Interlaced compression
  •  D. Direct compression



Question 18 of 20

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  • If you wanted to make your web site load faster you could: A. use style sheets.
  •  B. add more text.
  •  C. reduce your image sizes.
  •  D. use GIF images.



Question 19 of 20

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  • What does Google Maps do to help their customers when loading satellite images with their site? A. They divide the images up
  •  B. They use lossless compression
  •  C. They use progressive scan
  •  D. They use formulated compression



Question 20 of 20

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  • If you want to make a web site specifically for wireless devices, you should use: A. Java
  •  B. HTML
  •  C. XHTML
  •  D. WAP

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