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Category > Computer Science Posted 06 Nov 2017 My Price 10.00

Give the associated UML class diagram and explain your chosen method.

Considering only the Teacher UML Class, please look at the following question.


Learning Information System1.PNG


  1. Give the associated UML class diagram and explain your chosen method. Include what the method does, what class properties the method accesses or writes, and what other aspects of the class or system the method needs to interact with.
  2. Focus in on the decision point in the method. Explain what decision the method code has to make and why. What role does the decision point play in the method?
  3. Give pseudo-code with comments to explain each step for that decision using an if-then structure.

Integrate you method description and if-then pseudo-code into a single document that fully explains the overall method, interactions with other classes, and the role of the decision point in that method.



Status NEW Posted 06 Nov 2017 11:11 AM My Price 10.00

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