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Category > Computer Science Posted 04 Jan 2018 My Price 8.00

Linux Administrator for fast-growing company

As the Linux Administrator for fast-growing company, you have been tasked with creating, modifying, and removing user accounts from the Linux server. The company has just hired 9 new employees to fill 3 newly designed departments.  The departments that have been created are Engineering, Sales and IS.  The server must be setup with the appropriate files, folders, users, groups and permissions to ensure a successful launch of the newly designed departments. 

Make sure that at least two services such as Web server, e-mail server, ftp server or any other server is running.  Describe location of the files and what you had to do to enable the server.  Give a short description of what the daemon (service) does how does it functions.  Generally, the description should be high level, but you may want to include some details such as formatting.


  • Create a directory at the root (/) of the file system for each department.  This name should reflect the department name that will use the directory.
  • Create a group for each department.  This name should reflect the department name that the group will be assigned. 
  • Create an administrative user for each of the departments.
    • The user will have a Bash login shell
    • The user will belong to the respective group for each department.  This will need to be the user’s primary group.
  • Create two additional users for each department.
    • The users will have a Bash login shell.
    • The users will belong to their respective group for each department.  This will need to be the user’s primary group.
  • For security reasons, the following modifications will need to be made to each of the departments' respective directories:
    • Ensure that the owner of each of the directories is the department administrator and the group ownership is the group for each department. 
    • The department administrator will have full access to their respective department directories. 
    • Ensure that only the owner of a file in the department’s directory can delete the file.  The user will also have ownership of their respective department folders. 
    • Normal users in each department will have full access (Read, Write and Execute) to their respective department folders.
    • The department folders will ONLY be accessible by users/administrators in each of the respective departments.  Ensure that no one else will have permissions to the folders.   
  • Create a document in each of the department directories. 
    • The ownerships on this file will be the same as the directory it is located in. 
    • The document should contain only one line of text that states, “This file contains confidential information for the department.” 
    • This file can be read by any user in the department, but can only be modified by the department administrator.  No one else has permissions to this file. 


Status NEW Posted 04 Jan 2018 12:01 PM My Price 8.00

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