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Category > Information Systems Posted 25 Apr 2017 My Price 5.00

Suppose Alice wants to visit the Web site

Suppose Alice wants to visit the Web site using a TOR-like service. This service uses two non-colluding proxy servers, Proxy1 and Proxy2. Alice first obtains the certificates (each containing a public key) for Proxy1 and Proxy2 from some central server. Denote K1+( ), K2+( ), K1 ( ), and K2 ( ), for the encryption/decryption with public and private RSA keys

a. Using a timing diagram, provide a protocol (as simple as possible) that enables Alice to establish a shared session key S1 with Proxy1. Denote S1(m) for encryption/decryption of data m with the shared key S1

b. Using a timing diagram, provide a protocol (as simple as possible) that allows Alice to establish a shared session key S2 with Proxy2 without revealing her IP address to Proxy2.

c. Assume now that shared keys S1 and S2 are now established. Using a timing diagram, provide a protocol (as simple as possible and not using public-key cryptography) that allows Alice to request an html page from without revealing her IP address to Proxy2 and without revealing to Proxy1 which site she is visiting. Your diagram should end with an HTTP request arriving at




Status NEW Posted 25 Apr 2017 09:04 AM My Price 5.00



file 1493113429-Answer.docx preview (317 words )
S-----------upp-----------ose----------- Al-----------ice----------- wa-----------nts----------- to----------- vi-----------sit----------- th-----------e W-----------eb -----------sit-----------e a-----------cti-----------vis-----------t.c-----------om -----------usi-----------ng -----------a T-----------OR------------lik-----------e s-----------erv-----------ice-----------. T-----------his----------- se-----------rvi-----------ce -----------use-----------s t-----------wo -----------non------------co-----------llu-----------din-----------g p-----------rox-----------y s-----------erv-----------ers-----------, P-----------rox-----------y1 -----------and----------- Pr-----------oxy-----------2. -----------Ali-----------ce -----------fir-----------st -----------obt-----------ain-----------s t-----------he -----------cer-----------tif-----------ica-----------tes----------- (e-----------ach----------- co-----------nta-----------ini-----------ng -----------a p-----------ubl-----------ic -----------key-----------) f-----------or -----------Pro-----------xy1----------- an-----------d P-----------rox-----------y2 -----------fro-----------m s-----------ome----------- ce-----------ntr-----------al -----------ser-----------ver-----------. D-----------eno-----------te -----------K1+-----------( )-----------, K-----------2+(----------- ),----------- K1----------- -----------(----------- ),----------- an-----------d K-----------2 -----------–-----------( )-----------, f-----------or -----------the----------- en-----------cry-----------pti-----------on/-----------dec-----------ryp-----------tio-----------n w-----------ith----------- pu-----------bli-----------c a-----------nd -----------pri-----------vat-----------e R-----------SA -----------key-----------s -----------a. -----------Usi-----------ng -----------a t-----------imi-----------ng -----------dia-----------gra-----------m, -----------pro-----------vid-----------e a----------- pr-----------oto-----------col-----------
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