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Category > Accounting Posted 29 May 2017 My Price 5.00

The plant has accumulated savings of $80,000 to acquire a new machine

The plant has accumulated savings of $80,000 to acquire a new machine for the Manufacture Department. The new machine costs $80,000. The Straight line depreciation method is used buy this plant in all its equipments. The income tax rate is 0.35. The new equipment will save $35,000 each year and its economic life is 5 years. The salvage value is $10,000. Does the acquisition of this new machine satisfy the 8% minimum rate? Compute the present worth after tax cash flow.

a. -$18,693

b. -$80,000


d. $37,204


Status NEW Posted 29 May 2017 09:05 AM My Price 5.00



file 1496049375-1666924_1_636315687755044645_NPV.xlsx preview (6 words )
Ye-----------arC-----------ash-----------flo-----------wPe-----------r y-----------ear----------- de-----------pri-----------cia-----------tio-----------nDi-----------sco-----------unt----------- ra-----------teP-----------res-----------ent----------- Va-----------lue-----------NPV-----------Ans-----------wer----------- a.----------- -----------
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