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List at least three objectives or goals that Dr. Martin has, and briefly explain how an EHR system can help him with each objective.


For this assignment you will:

  1. List at least three objectives or goals that Dr. Martin has, and briefly explain how an EHR system can help him with each objective. Note that a minimum of 4 objectives or goals are needed to earn the full points.
  2. Next you will model the patient visit process as it is currently performed at the UMUC Family Clinic; this is the AS-IS Process. Draw a process model to show the major steps in the patient's visit to the UMUC Family Clinic from the time they arrive until they leave. This patient is a returning patient, will receive a prescription based on earlier blood test results sent from the laboratory, and his insurance company will be billed for the visit. You must refer to the AS-IS process as described in the case, cover all the current steps and be careful not to oversimplify. The objective here is to correctly map the current state of the process, so the improvements offered by the TO-BE process (Item 3 below) are clear. "Patient enters --> gets prescription --> leaves office (insurance company is billed)" is not a reflection of the current state. 
  3. Then you will model the way that you expect the new patient visit process to function after a technology solution (EHR System) is implemented and the process is improved; this is the TO-BE Process. 

 Link for UMUC case study text


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